Sabah Parks Jetty 09:15 AM

Registration will be done at Sabah Parks Jetty. You can get the location of the jetty through Maps or Waze.

Departure from Sabah Jetty Parks to Selingan Island 10:00 AM

Expected departure from Sabah Parks Jetty to Selingan Island. It will roughly take one hour to reach the island.

Waiting area in Selingan Island 11:15 AM

Expected arrival at the island. You are required to be at the waiting area before heading to your room.

Lunch at the cafeteria 12:30 PM

Lunch will be served at the cafeteria until 02:00.

Have any food allergies? Please inform the staffs.

Selingan Island

Enjoy the evening your way

After you're done with lunch, you can do any activities you want throughout the whole evening. Go roam on the beach, sunbathing, swim, or have some fun snorkeling. Also, you might just be able to get a great sunset view if you're lucky!

Note: Please be reminded that the beach is closed at 05:00 PM and activities like swimming and snorkeling are no longer allowed.

Parks Exhibition Hall 06:30 PM

The Parks Exhibition Hall is opened for everyone to visit.

Video Presentation at Parks Exhibition Hall 07:00 PM

Video presentation will start at the Parks Exhibition Hall.

Dinner at the cafeteria 07:30 PM

Dinner will be served at the cafeteria. The turtle program will start anytime after the dinner.

An Experience to Remember

Collecting of mother turtle's eggs
Planting turtle eggs at the hatchery
Releasing baby turtles to the sea

As soon as the announcement from the Parks Ranger regarding the sighting of mother turtle coming ashore to lay eggs is made, we will follow the Parks Ranger to the nesting side. Here, we will be able to witness the mother turtle laying her eggs. During this time, the ranger will collect all the mother turtle's eggs and tags her. We will then head to the hatchery to see the planting process of turtle eggs that had just been collected. The last program of the night is to watch the baby turtles being released to the sea for the first time.

Note: Please remember that the usage of flash-aided camera throughout the program is strictly not allowed.

Turtle Nest Adoption Program

Turtle Nest Adoption Program

Turtle Nest Adoption Program is an initiative of Research and Education Division in diversifying activities and encourage visitor's participation in turtle conservation. If you're interested, you can participate by adopting a nest at RM100 per nest. As complimentary, each adoption will receive the following:

  • ● Have your name displayed on the nest's label.
  • ● A certificate of adoption.
  • ● An exclusive Turtle Nest Adoption T-Shirt.

Note: You will be informed via email when the eggs in your nest hatch.


Breakfast at the cafeteria 06:30 AM

We'll have our breakfast at the cafeteria before departure.

Note: Please hand over the room key back to the reservation counter.

Departure from Selingan Island to Sabah Jetty Parks 07:00 AM

Expected departure from the island to Sabah Parks Jetty.

Sabah Jetty Parks 08:00 AM

Expected arrival at Sabah Parks Jetty.

End of program. We hope to see you again!

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